"Be wise, but speak the language of the people."                                                                                                                                                                                              —  Y   eats

  "Be wise, but speak the language of the people."                                                                                                                                                                                            — Yeats

Why Red Leaf?

Well, we don't claim to have a secret, a gimmick, or a new method. What we do have is communication skills training delivered in a way that our clients can actually use. Our common-sense techniques are elegantly simple, and the tools we use are concrete, transferable, and repeatable.

At Red Leaf, we know that in order for theory to transform into lasting change it must be deeply experiential. So we will not just talk about what to do to make positive changes in performance, but we'll also show you how...and the how is remarkably simple.

We bridge the gap between knowing and doing, through live, on-your-feet exercises, laying the foundation for new practice habits and mental discipline. This helps our clients continue to make positive changes long after their Red Leaf coaches have gone.

Red Leaf courses are modular, so we can easily work with your company’s budget and time constraints, saving you time and money by bringing you the lean training you need, and leaving out the fat.

Our coaches are all performance professionals, with a business focus. That means you get the benefit of our engaging style and training in the performing arts with none of the potentially embarrassing and non-transferable "theater games." Unless you specifically ask for theater games. Then we have games specifically designed to be business-transferrable, non threatening, and built on the lessons from previous coaching.

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Stacee worked with me and my group over two days to help us hone public speaking and presentation skills during a leadership training course. I found her very creative, energetic, and effective at teaching us simple but powerful techniques that can make us better at this crucial skill. I benefited a lot from the sessions with her, and highly recommend her as a coach for improving public speaking and presentation skills.
— Viral Thakkar (GE via GuruMaker)