Below you will find our basic course modules, which CAN BE EXPANDED OR COMBINED TO FIT YOUR COMPANY'S NEEDS.

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Presenting at C-Level

This is a two-day comprehensive executive presentation skills workshop for companies whose goal is to give employees all the tools they need to speak like a C-level officer, no matter where on the corporate ladder they are.



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Executive Presentation Skills: Above C-Level

This one-day workshop is designed for teams who have completed the two-day course and who want to hone their overall presentation skills in the context of a pending project.



Muscle Memory Intensive

Designed especially for clients who have been through the two-day workshop and who want a follow-up course, this one-day workshop focuses solely on drilling body language skills until they become second nature. 




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Content Builder

In this half-day workshop we will use a surprisingly simple skeleton format to help you answer forever such daunting questions as, How much information should I deliver? And in what order? How do I begin? How do I stay within my time limit? How do I make a graceful exit? We'll help you create great presentations, in less time, that will keep any audience focused and engaged. 



Managing an Audience

People can interrupt, take you off track, have side conversations, ask divisive questions, and heckle. If you find this happens a lot in your company's culture, this one-day workshop will give you tools to manage these difficult audiences and help them actually get the information and attention they are craving.


  “It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.”     —   Mark Twain  

“It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.”

— Mark Twain 

Keynote Speeches

Red Leaf Keynotes are perfect for dinner meetings, offsite conferences, and retreats. They impart valuable, useful information to your teams while also entertaining them. Red Leaf will work with you to customize a keynote that is perfect for your event.


Stacee was exceptional in providing me (and my colleagues) with very specific and pragmatic guidance to assist me in improving my public speaking skills. Her diverse background and her fantastic personality made her one of the best public speaking coaches I have worked with or have observed.
— Ad Wolst (GE via GuruMaker)