Hey Stacee, why are all your coaches performance professionals?

Performers have many skills that cross over into the business world and can help people in the corporate sector, plus we make darned entertaining, engaging and emotionally intelligent coaches!


Performance training lines up with corporate platform skills

Performers generally have an instinctual love of the spotlight, but in order to hone that knack we go through rigorous and extensive training.

We study the elements of human psychology that make characters in scripts want what they want. We discipline our bodies and voices into neutrality, managing our natural quirks and habits; we then train our bodies to take on the character of our choosing so we can tell the story of the play or movie as fully as possible.

We are taught to commit fully to creative choices, and to say "Yes, and..." to any situation.

We learn to extend our vocal range and learn techniques to project over a crowd and to the back of the house, with good diction so all we say is clear...in any dialect. And we learn, by necessity, to manage stage fright. All of this and more can be applied to the performance of the business world.


Performers are trained creative thinkers

Our specialized training opens our minds and makes us quintessential "out of the box" thinkers. Trained in improvisation, we are constantly making choices and decisions based on the situation at hand. We learn flexibility and versatility. How do you hang a 75 pound rotating flat without a stud finder or a proper drill? We will find a way!


Performers have a team world view

We see the world as one big team. The show must go on, and generally even the biggest diva will grab a paintbrush if the curtain is about to rise and the set isn't finished. We rarely say, "That's not my job..." but rather enter each situation with the question, "How can I help?" 


At Red Leaf, we have translated these skills into business language, to help our clients make team based decisions, make physical and vocal choices rather then falling back on habits, and open their minds to the "Yes, and..." without the artsy stuff that can potentially put corporate professionals off.  Unless you really want to discover your inner animal and build a human machine. We can do that too.

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