People always ask how I come up with the name, Red Leaf Coaching. So here's the story.

Red Leaf started as "Tandem Communication". I was thinking I needed my business to sound uber-corporate and Tandem made sense to me (audience and presenter working in tandem). It sounded appropriately masculine and “corporate”, but so many people asked if we sold cell phones that I realized I had made a mistake

People also said my company name was out of synch with my personality, which was stated as being "vibrant and professional but not stuffy", and my look which aims to be polished but quirky. One woman even said to me, "Your logo should be red, because you're har is red." Ridiculous, right?

 So...back to the proverbial drawing board

I banged my head against the company name for many months…years? Finally one night I attended an incredible networking/workshop that reminded me of my creative side. An SEO friend of mine was there as well, and reminded me to go back to my core values. So later at home I had a nice bourbon (neat) and wrote my core values down on a nice new pad of paper. I brainstormed and came up with…nothin’.

So I went to bed.


It was autumn, and when I woke up the next day the leaves were turning red on the tree outside my window…change…I help people make changes…organically...RED LEAF COACHING. The perfectly serendipidous chain of events leading to the perfect name.

And every time I go to a networking event, someone looks at my business card and says, "Oh. Red Leaf, red hair. I get it."

Life is funny like that!