Stacee was exceptional in providing me (and my colleagues) with very specific and pragmatic guidance to assist me in improving my public speaking skills. Her diverse background and her fantastic personality made her one of the best public speaking coaches I have worked with or have observed.  -Ad Wolst (GE via GuruMaker)

I've had a lot of trainings like this, and in theory I "get it", but when I get back to my desk I have no idea how to apply what I learned. This training was full of actual, practical tools that I can use starting today. -Kyle, financial analyst

As a person deeply ensconced in the pressure cooker of the Corporate world, I am curious about the career choices and aspirations of individuals who have taken a different route. Stacee is one of the most fascinating people I have ever met - and she falls squarely in that category for me. At an Executive Training Session, Stacee ably led a group of Type-A, typically non-"creative" rule-followers and taught them to open up mentally and be free physically -- all in an effort to enhance our Executive Presence. Despite much reluctance, Stacee had full command of the room in minutes, taught us that it was ok to fail and led us to a place of performance, in spite of fear. I remember her lessons vividly a year later and use them right before I give a big pitch, or stand in front of a room. The simple methods she taught me are some of the best returning investments I've ever made. I will be forever indebted to her for her assistance and would recommend her without hesitation to others. -Rick Grub (GE via GuruMaker)


Stacee's hour and a half presentation was great. I took a public speaking class in college and did well. I learned in that class how to organize and put together a presentation/speech along with visual aids. I learned a lot from that class in regards on making a speech, but not too much about how to present yourself. I learned from this presentation how to present myself and calm my nerves when it comes time to present in front of people. I think this workshop was extremely beneficial, especially for college students going into the work force. Public speaking is a very key element that I think everyone should master and this workshop definitely helped me feel more confident. -Ashley Richards (FIT)

All in all, a real winner of a workshop.  I learned so much, and only
wish I had more time to practice. Although it is embarrassing to get up and be
taped, it helped so much. Keep doing what you do so well - we will all
improve because of it. I am recommending your class to everyone in my group as well. -Ralph (Merck via Partner Communications)

"Twitching is for Prey". I'm remembering that and will continually seek to become my inner lioness. It's amazing how all this time I just expected myself to be perfect! First thing I'll do is go home and feel magnanimous on my sofa, Then I'll go get a well tailored suit (costume makes the character!) Figure if I can feel like the queen in my home it might carry into work. Thank you for your great advice! -Michelle Liau (Merck via Partner Communications)

I learned much from your course. I have started to use your presentation plan in my everyday thinking, and have made some notes for myself that I keep referring to constantly. I have begun to teach my kids (and my wife, for that matter) what I learned, so that they can all be better organizers and communicators. --Bala (Merck via Partner Communication

As I said to you in person, and on my feedback sheet, this course was terrific, and I've already started to use some of the new concepts on my daily interactions and at yesterday' staff mtg (not to mention your tips on "intonation" while taking a shower, which has been rather scary for my wife not knowing the background behind the noisy exercise! Your course was very well structured and well delivered, so you earned my recommendation to my peers, and I've already started telling folks to sign up for your classes (!) -Juan (Merck via Partner Communications)