Be a LION Workshop


Be a LION Workshop


If perception is reality, then take control of how you are perceived by others to support your personal brand. Be seen as the go-to thought leader on any topic, whether in front of an audience of one or one thousand, and increase audience buy-in.

Be a Lion Workshop is the companion class to the Be a Lion Seminar. It is a three hour intensive designed to help participants internalize all the physical tools needed to manifest authority, gravitas, and "executive presence" at will, even under pressure. From formal pitching/presenting, to networking, to speaking to your direct reports one-to-one, you can use body language to manage your outcomes. 

Join us, and put the knowledge you gained in the seminar to work for you!

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This course will cover:

-Recap of Be a Lion body language skills

-Real-time practice of the tools in front of the room for critique and personalized exercises

 -Practice drills in groups, because once you internalize the tools you can manifest them at will

Participants should come prepared with business topics to speak about

Participants will be video recorded for benchmarking. Videos can be recorded on participants own cell phone or on the instructor's (who will deliver video to participants via private YouTube link.)

Participants will also receive a one-sheet of everything covered in the program, and discounts towards future workshops with Red Leaf.