Pitching For Dollars


Pitching For Dollars


Pitching For Dollars

Does pitching make your palms sweat and your knees knock?

Do you feel like your body has  a mind of its own under pressure?

Are you not sure why VCs and Angels are like, "meh."?

If you want to elevate your ability to look and sound like an MVP in the startup space, and position yourself to potentially get more money, more often from VCs, then this course is for you.

From formal pitching/presenting, to networking, to speaking to your team collaborators one-to-one, you can use body language to manage your outcomes. 

Body of Power is a three-hour intensive designed to help participants internalize all the physical tools needed to manifest authority, gravitas, and "executive presence" at will, even under pressure. 

Prices are per participant, 20 people maximum.

Packages purchased can be used up to one year from purchase date.

Prices do not include travel room an board for non NYC clients. 


"Until you attend one of Stacee's sessions you don't even know what you don't know about speaking effectively in public. Just a couple of small modifications can make a major difference to your confidence and ability."

~Michael Taylor, Ladder.io


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