Stacee, why are all your coaches performance professionals?

Because of how we are trained, how we think and how we see the world. 


Tell me more






How did you develop the Red Leaf tools and exercises?

Well, necessity is the mother of invention. An old but true cliche.

I like cliches 



How did you come up with the name, Red Leaf Coaching?

It's an interesting anecdote, I guess. It involves serendipity, connections and the season.

I'm curious 





Will you travel? 

Our passports are up to date and we are

ready to fly wherever we’re needed. We have already been to Asia, Europe, South America and Puerto Rico.

Africa, anyone? We're ready!


Is Red Leaf Coaching a Canadian company?

In short, no. 

When we started Red Leaf Coaching people were always asking us if we are Canadian,  because a red maple leaf  is so strongly associated with Canada, I guess.

I made sure our logo was NOT a maple leaf for that reason.

Red leaf Coaching is Born in the USA, but we love to travel and look forward to working with our Canadian neighbors someday.


Thanks so much for reading! If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us!