Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.      —   Albert Einstein  

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.  

— Albert Einstein 

Executive Presentation Skills: Above C-Level

This one-day workshop is designed for teams who have completed the two-day course and who want to hone their overall presentation skills in the context of a pending project.

Time commitment: eight hours, one day (suggested time: 8am5pm, plus one hour for lunch)

Recommended group size: 610 participants

The morning session focuses on drilling physical/vocal performance skills/exercises.

The afternoon session focuses on restructuring content and simplification of visual aids as needed, and practicing Q&A technique during a presentation.

Each participant will receive a packet of information on how to prepare and deliver a great talk.


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I was lucky to spend three days with Stacee during a leadership training. She was amazing. I have already found myself using the skills she taught during regular business meetings and senior management updates. I feel more confident and am better at engaging the audience. I am a visual learner and find that I sometimes do not retain learnings; Stacee always coupled a lesson with a visual or a demonstration. She was easy to follow and really fun to work with. She put us through some uncomfortable situations, but was very respectful and supportive.
— Mary Jo Wilson (GE via GuruMaker)