A three-hour course designed especially for companies with a large global or national component, and for any businesses where techno-meetings are the norm. For teams who panic when faced with teleconferences, web meetings, Skype, or any other virtual meeting space.   

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Vocal Strength Package

For people on your team with big ideas and small voices, this half-day course focuses on breathing, stretching the vocal chords, projecting the voice, using the body as a resonator and general articulation.

Recommended Time Commitment: four sessions, two hours each.

Recommended Group Size: 10-20 participants.

Price: $1,500 per person



Here are some Rehearsal Myth Busters:

Practice in front of the mirror.

No. Stop. This makes you self conscious and anyway, you won't be looking at your friendly self but the audience.

Practice your whole talk over and over.

No. You are practicing bad habits. Who has time?

Practice in front of colleagues.

Yes. Great. But unless they can critique effectively or ask questions like a real audience it's kinda unnecessary and good luck getting anyone who has the time.

Here's how to practice in the most time effective way and get better results.

Rehearse just the introduction. Get it so its solid. Include your greeting and mental self talk. Video tape to check yourself.

Rehearse the close. Video

Rehearse segues and transitions in between slides.

Rehearse complex slides.

Rehearse use of props and visuals.

Rehearse whole talk.