How did you develop the Red Leaf tools and exercises?

Necessity is the mother of "Oh, jeeze, I'm out of my league and I better step up fast!"

I started off as a coach many years ago, working for another company. There was no training, and it was assumed as an actor that I could jump right in, which was basically true, but at the ripe old age of 20 something I had zero gravitas and had never actually interacted with the kinds of high level, Fortune 500 individuals I was being asked to train.

I could sense that I was not being taken seriously. I could easily identify what the clients needed to do to become more authoritative, but I was not doing it myself. So, because I was not practicing what I was preaching I had zero credibility. I really liked the job, and knew I had to step up fast. 

I used all my theater training to create the "character of "Corporate Trainer" for myself. I tried to identify the physical elements of authority so that I could practice them and get them into my muscle memory. I isolated each of my undermining physical habits and tics and replaced them with ones that added to my gravitas. I created exercises for myself which would cultivate a moderate speaking pace, stillness, directness, and extended eye contact. I cultivated an authoritative persona, and I could tell it was working by the positive reaction from clients.

I also realized that the exercises I had done to give me authority could, and would work for the clients as well.

Now I am much older and wiser and more experienced, but all of the tips and strategies I developed in my salad days have stood the test of time. If these tools can make a 20 year old actress from Jersey into a credible corporate coach, imagine what they can do for you and your teams?

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