Muscle Memory Drills

Designed especially for clients who have been through the two day workshop and who want a follow up course, we created this half-day body language brush up workshop. Review the basics and practice, practice, practice.

Participants should come prepared with a formal introduction (name, title etc.) personal anecdotes, and/or sections of presentations that they have difficulty with.

The first half of the session will be review of the basic body language tools, and the exercises you can use to manifest new habits.

The second half of the session will be on-your-feet practice of the exercises, using your own prepared material as a vehicle for learning.

Time Commitment: 4 hours

Recommended Group Size: 5-16 participants.

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Twitching is for Prey... I’m remembering that and will continually seek to become my inner lioness. It’s amazing how all this time I just expected myself to be perfect! First thing I’ll do is go home and feel magnanimous on my sofa, Then I’ll go get a well tailored suit (costume makes the character!) Figure if I can feel like the queen in my home it might carry into work. Thank you for your great advice!
— -Michelle Liau (Merck via Partner Communications)