Be sincere. Be brief. Be seated.       —   Franklin D. Roosevelt

Be sincere. Be brief. Be seated.  

— Franklin D. Roosevelt

Presenting at C-Level

This is a comprehensive course covering what you say and how you say it. You'll learn content organization targeted to motivate any audience, how to create clear visual aids, muscle memory/body language exercises, how to manage "stage fright," and strategies for running an effective Q&A session. Presenting at C-Level is meant to be a one-stop shop for all your formal presentation skills needs.

Course Details:

Time commitment: two consecutive eight-hour days (suggested time: 8am5pm, including lunch)

Recommended group size: 610 participants

Participants will work with two instructors, and will be videotaped four times for one-on-one critique.

Each participant will receive an individual videotaped performance and critique sheets, as well as a whole tool kit of customized exercises and strategies for improvement.  

Day One:

The morning session focuses on physical/vocal body language performance skills, two videotaped exercises, and one-on-one critique.

The afternoon session focuses on building content and designing clear PowerPoint slides, followed by a workshop session where they use the course skills to create a real-life talk.

Day Two:

In the morning session, participants deliver the talks they created on day one (which are videotaped) and receive additional one-on-one critique time.

The afternoon session focuses on managing audience interaction and Q&A techniques. Participants have a chance to take a Q&A session (videotaped) and then receive a final one-on-one critique.

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I hired Stacee to help me with media training and public speaking. As a physician, I am prone to use jargon, and Stacee is an expert at training technical people to speak to a general audience. She gave great advice regarding preparation, pacing, speech patterns, and confidence building, full of constructive criticism without making you feel embarrassed. Overall a productive, practical, and enjoyable experience.
— Dr. John Hwang