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Sometimes a long workshop is impractical such as conferences, dinner meetings and retreats, yet you want to take advantage of the time you have to impart valuable, useful, engaging information to your people. Tandem Keynotes  are designed for just such occasions.

Pyramid of Persuasion

This talk touches on all of the elements of the two-day program, such as body language tips, structuring content, visial aids and Q&A techniques. Recommended time: two hours.

Body of Power

This powerful lecture-demo fleshes out the nitty gritty of WHAT makes a powerful, authoritive executive presence, and HOW to begin to manifest it.


Have a topic you'd like discussed? Let us know. You'd be amazed at how many skills are based on the fundamental principles we follow in coaching verbal communication!

Technophobes Workshop

If you communicate primarily via machine, be it teleconference, web meeting, email or phone, there are simple strategies to make it more communicative and less painful. For people working with global audiences, we offer additional tips and strategies to help facilitate communication between different cultures and language barriers.

This is a one day workshop for up to 20 people, involving hands-on use of your on-site telecom devices.

Topics covered:


-Video conference


-Web Meeting

-Phone meetings

 We confess that coaching communication skills remotely is not optimal, but in this economy, flying in a coaching team is often not an option. Our desire to help as many people on the planet as we can with this difficult and sometimes terrifying process is so great, however, that we do offer training via Skype.

  Remote Presentation Skills Workshop

A combination of face-to-face group meetings and one-on-one Skype meetings makes this course a good choice for companies with employees in need of training, but who find it difficult or impossible to come together in one place.

One-on-One Coaching:
One-on-one coaching is available with a minimum commitment of three hours. We will work around your schedule and focus on your specific needs. Training may be delivered through 3 mediums: in your office, over Skype or on the phone.

Part Keynote, part workshop, this is a lively lunch or dinner meeting speech for multi national audiences.

This is a course that deals with the funny phrases and idioma of english. In the ballpark...when it rains it pours etc.

One on one training with our dictation dictator, master artiulator ets. Contact us for appointment. over skype.