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Red Lion Package


Foundation Skills 1: Executive Communication Skills: Presentation Skills and Beyond (2 Days, 2 Facilitators, includes video recording for benchmarking and one-to-one sessions)

Module 1: Body of Power: learn to use body language and vocal power to influence others, get more buy-in, manage “stage fright", and elevate your personal brand

Module 2: Know the Terrain: using the DISC Personality Styles, empathy, and emotional intelligence to get in your audience's head and speak their language

Module 3: Tell Your Story: using a simple yet effective and versatile content structuring tool, effectively deliver any content to any audience, anywhere in the world, within any time limit, and get more buy-in, more often

Module 4: Death by PowerPoint: create slides that support your message, engage the audience, add impact, and help keep you and the audience moving forward together

Module 5: Managing Audience Interaction: always look and sound cool and calm under fire, deal with naysayers, difficult questions, and hecklers

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Foundation Skills 2: The Human Touch: 4 Steps to Practical Emotional Intelligence (1 Day, can include role-plays with professional actors)

Module 1: Self-Awareness: Emotions 101 - how do they work, why do we need them, what triggers them, how do we identify them?

Module 2, Self-Regulation: how to avoid triggers, how to manage your emotions once triggered, manifesting and maintaining positive emotions, working through negative emotions, managing your emotions regarding others and situations

Module 3: Empathy: what it is, and how we can get more of it, how to identify, respect, and manage the emotions of others to help everyone move forward

Module 4: Global Awareness: raising overall awareness of one’s surroundings, the people in it, and the energy present; using awareness to pre-empt negative emotions of others and create a culture of empathy and productivity

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Foundation Skills 3: Influencing: Getting More, More Often (1 Day, can include role-plays with professional actors)

Module 1: Positioning Yourself: your personal brand, behavior, and building rapport; "pre-suasion"

Module 2: Using DISC: help them see it your way....because you see it their way

Module 3: Setting the Stage: additional tactics for psychological buy-in

Module 4: Hard Negotiating: how do you get what you want when they're playing rough

Module 5: Resisting Influence: recognize when you're being influenced, and how to fight back

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Add-On A La Carte Packages:


Manager Track: (1 Day, can include role-plays with professional actors)

Managing up, Managing Down

Delegating, Coaching, and Talent Development with DISC

Managing Difficult Conversations and Conflict

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Sales/Customer Facing Employee Track: (1 Day, can include role-plays with professional actors)

Phone Skills: Vocal Power

Get Off the Script: speaking extemporaneously from a plan

Using DISC to Sell & Manage Client Relationships 

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Media Track: (1 Day, can include a professionally shot and edited video for your website or personal use)

Stay on Message (and Out of Trouble)

On Camera Technique: the Talking Head Video

Practical Interview Workshop - Phone, Radio, TV (Live/Taped)

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Retreat Track: (1 Day, 2 Facilitators)


This is “Info-tainment” - where foundation skills meet theater camp

Business Improv 101: Thinking on Your Feet

Executive Presence and Status: Acting the Part 

Storytelling: Getting the Message Across with Passion

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Made-to-Measure Track: 

Once your team has worked through the Red Lion Package we can design a set of courses to meet any additional communication skills challenges you and your team may be facing.

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"I have worked with a few speaking coaches in the past, and I can say without hesitation that Red Leaf Coaching is the most useful experience I have had to date. Stacee is enthusiastic and animated, but balances that out by drilling into serious, useful critiques. Our group had brand new public speakers as well as more seasoned veterans, and everyone got something useful out of the experience. The words, "in video veritas" were mentioned quite a few times, and the one-on-one (video review) sessions immediately after an exercise were some of the most useful coaching I have ever received."

-John Pershing, Director ofSoftware Engineering, 1010data