Be as you wish to seem.    -Socrates

                                                                   Be as you wish to seem.    -Socrates

Body of Power

This is a two hour lecture/demo that deals with the mechanics of how to make and manifest choices with your body language that pulls people in to your messages and plants the seeds of an authoritative public persona.

There is workshop potential, depending on the size of the group.  Everyone may not get to work in front of the room, but everyone reaps the benefits demonstrated by those that do.

Time Commitment: 2 hours (but this course is very flexible, so let us know what you need.)

Recommended Group Size: 10 and up. More people just means more lecture and less workshop. 

Each participant will walk away with a handout of all the material discussed, and a working knowledge of how to practice the physical tools that manifest authority and gravitas.

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I took a course with Stacee on the aspects of non-verbal communication when presenting. I was so impressed by her knowledge, her easy teaching style coupled with the tools that she imparted when necessary that If you’re considering hiring a public speaking coach, I absolutely recommend her.
— Sora Verinoff