Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so     he is.      - -Publilius Syrus

Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so he is.

--Publilius Syrus

The Global Platform

No matter what your native language is, in this era of increasing global business, being able to be understood easily by your audiences is of tantamount importance.

Audiences can be very forgiving of an accent, especially in the "melting pot" of the United States, but truly, the more clarity you can add to your messages the better. If you are participating in global teleconferences across multiple time zones where everyone's native tongue is different, a little extra time spent learning to articulate clearly will be money in the bank.

We never recommend that people focus on "getting rid" of their accent entirely. The way we speak is an integral part of our identities. The Red Leaf accent modification specialists are here to help our global clients modify, not eliminate their accents so that their messages can be delivered with clarity, maximizing audience comprehension while maintaining the special flavor that makes them unique.

The National Stage

We don’t like to admit it but right or wrong it is one of the many foibles of human nature to seek out the familiar and make snap judgments and assumptions about people who are different. Oddly, this is often as common within borders as without. Clients have told us that they sometimes are judged based on a regional accent. You have a New York accent? You must be aggressive and bossy. Southern accent? You must be sweet and perhaps less of a go-getter. We are here to help you make choices about how you sound, and thereby create an aural first impression that reflects who you are beyond the potential vocal stereotyping.

Vocal Prowess

In whatever language you speak, you have to be loud and proud. If you often have people asking you to repeat yourself you may be in need of help. If you are naturally soft spoken or just nervous and hiding your voice, we can help you turn up the volume.

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